8 Ways to Fix a Non-Functional Washing Machine, Appliance Solutions

8 Ways to Fix a Non-Functional Washing Machine, Appliance Solutions

When faced with a washing machine that refuses to turn on, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take before considering professional assistance. In this guide, we'll explore eight common issues and their solutions to help you revive your non-functional washer.

Troubleshooting: Why Is My Washing Machine Not Turning On?

  1. Check the Power Cord:
    Ensure that the power cord is fully plugged into the electrical outlet. If damaged, replace it or seek assistance from Appliance Solutions.
  2. Reset the House Circuit Breaker:
    If the power cord is fine, reset the house circuit breaker for the washer's outlet to potentially resolve the issue.
  3. Test the Electrical Outlet:
    Plug another electrical device into the outlet to check for wiring issues. If needed, consult an electrician to repair the outlet.
  4. Check the Lid Switch:
    For top-load washers, a broken lid switch can hinder the machine from starting. Unplug the washer and replace the lid switch if damaged.
  5. Examine Wiring Connections on the Control Board:
    In washers with electronic controls, loose power cord connections on the control board may be the culprit. Reconnect any loose wires after safely accessing the control board.
  6. Check the Electronic Control Board for Damage: Inspect the electronic control board for burn marks. Replace it if damaged, as burnt spots indicate internal short circuits.
  7. Inspect the Control Panel:
    Loose wiring connections between the electronic control board and the control panel may prevent the washer from starting. Reconnect any loose wires or replace the control panel if damaged.
  8. Professional Assistance:
    If all else fails, seek help from Appliance Solutions technicians for advanced diagnostic tests and repairs.

Common Causes for Washing Machine Issues:

  • Broken Knobs:
    Control knobs, susceptible to wear, can be easily replaced. Order replacement knobs from Appliance Solutions for a DIY fix.
  • Faulty Start Switch:
    A worn-out start switch can be replaced if pushing the start button doesn't initiate the washer. Consider professional assistance if uncertain.
  • Broken Washer Motor:
    Overloading the washer can lead to motor wear. Follow loading instructions and, if necessary, have Appliance Solutions replace the motor.
  • Shorted Main Control Board:
    Replace the main electronic control board if burnt wiring or circuitry issues are present. Ensure circuits are checked before installation.

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